RHS, Pipe, Merchant bar and Structural Products

RHS Galvanised, Painted & Rural

50 x 25mm- 8.0m
65 x 35mm- 8.0m
75 x 25mm- 8.0m
75 x 50mm- 8.0m
100 x 50mm- 8.0m
125 x 75mm- 8.0m
150 x 50mm- 8.0m
200 x 100mm-8.0m

Pipe Galvanised, Painted & Rural

20NB Med- 6.5m
25NB Med- 6.5m
32NB Med- 6.5m
40NB Med- 6.5m
50NB Med- 6.5m
65NB Med- 6.5m
80NB Med- 6.5m
100NB Med- 6.5m


Stock lengths or pre cut lengths from 1mtr to 18mtr available upon request


From 75mm to 300mm in stock now

Flats, Angles and Rounds

Large range in stock now

Post Caps, Galvanised

for 32NB-150NB Pipe
for 35×35 – 75×75 RHS


Black and Galvanised
From 1.6mm to 25mm
Stock sheets or different sizes available from order

SHS Galvanised, Painted & Rural

13 x 13mm- 6.5m
16 x 16mm- 6.5m
20 x 20mm- 6.5m
25 x 25mm- 6.5m
30 x 30mm- 8.0m
35 x 35mm- 8.0m
40 x 40mm- 8.0m
50 x 50mm- 8.0m
65 x 65mm- 8.0m
75 x 75mm- 8.0m
89 x 89mm- 8.0m
100 x 100mm- 8.0m
125 x 125mm- 8.0m
150 x 150mm- 8.0m
200 x 200mm- 8.0m